Refer Your Friends & Win One Month of Free Power

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Terms & Conditions

  • You must have an active WISE Prepay Energy Account.
  • Follow the link in the video to confirm your entry and get the Promo code for the Giveaway.
  • Wise Customer with the highest number of referrals during the time of the promotion will win one month free power (April 18).
  • Second place wins 2 weeks free power and Third place wins one week free power (April 18).
  • All friends/family referred by the winners will win free power for Easter weekend (31/03/18 & 01/04/18).
  • Any customer who has entered the draw and has referred friends/family but hasn’t finished in the top 3 positions will get the Easter Sunday Free Power (01/04/2018).
  • All referred accounts must sign up with the Promo code provided.
  • The referred account must have switched to WISE or have completed all details and be in the switching process as of 25/03/2018 to be considered a valid entry.
  • The winners’ accounts will be charged as usual during the free power period but will not be disconnected.
  • WISE will provide a refund of the power used during the period of free power at the end of the said time period.
  • This refund will not be more than $50 more than the average power used by the customer in the last 3 months.
  • A WISE representative will contact you via Facebook to confirm the winners and apply the free day of power to those eligible accounts.
  • This promotion is open to all WISE prepay customers. Employees and contractors of WISE Prepay Energy and their immediate families are ineligible to enter.
  • WISE reserves the right to cancel this competition at any time by posting a notice on our Facebook wall.